Friday, September 28, 2007

Why do I need a teething ring when I've got grandma?

Just one more pic of little dude

He's just too cute.
I had to put up another
little dude picture:).

Grandpa and Grandma time

Marty has been getting plenty of love. Grandma and grandpa can't stop loving my "little dude",thats what I call marty. Although, the only downside is that he is now used to being held all of the time and we are already having to break that habit. He cries if I put him down for 2 seconds now:).

Marty and I

Marty and I have been enjoying our time back in the valley. We don't have to deal with dallas traffic anymore. Here is Marty and I. He is kind of chunkin out now so we're happy about that:).