Monday, January 14, 2008

The Terminator

Marty doesn't miss a meal. His favorite food is cereal mixed with a wild blueberry pear mix.

Marty Get's Into The Swing of Things

Marty loves his new room. He is in a routine now and I am LOVING it. He goes to bed about 7pm and wakes up about 6am. It is heavenly.


Marty's First Time Crawling

Marty made it about two steps foward. We are in for some major crawling pretty soon.

My Class

My wild kids and I pose for a photo opportunity.

Little Angel

I know he is my son, but he is so precious.

All Smiles

Marty and I are so happy and God is blessing us more every day.

Mommy and Me

Marty and I were trying to pose for karen. It was a little difficult for little dude. The vines in the background were very entertaining.

The Man, The Legend, The Model

Marty strikes a pose.

Karen Kale Photography

Karen took some amazing pictures of Marty and I.

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

America's Next Top Model

Abby was modeling her new p.j.'s Christmas morning.

Something Is Not Right!!!

Abby could well quote us a famous line from "Madeline" when looking at this picture. "Something is not right!" Do you notice anything wierd about David, I mean Santa?

Marty Gets Some Great Grandma Time

Grandma is such a good cook, that she can even whip up a tasty dinner bottle.

Kitchen Shot

It wouldn't be Christmas without an annual Christmas snapshot:).

Marty Gets Excited about Christmas

Lights and colors and Santa.....Oh My!!!!

Meet Jane Jetson

Grandma goes high tech on us. Soon she will have us all asking her computer questions.

Marty's First Presents

Marty gets his first Christmas toy, with a FEW more awaiting him.

He's The Best

My Little Dude can always put a smile on my face. Isn't he one of the three cutest grandbabies in the world?

Grandpa and Grandma with "The Dude"

Marty's not spoiled, he's just loved.

David, Rachel, and Their Little Lippe

Rachel and David pose for their first family photo with the soon the be bambino or bambina.

Mommy and Marty

Marty and I share a holiday moment. Marty's in appropriate fashion at all time of course:).

Three Amigos

The three cousins Martin, Cooper, and Shelby meet for the first time during the holidays.